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Boot Camp 1 - Compass Fitness

Not every one enjoys running on a treadmill or lifting weights and as we’re surrounded by beautiful landscape and scenery in Scarborough we thought we should use it to help people get fit!

We started our Bootcamps in 2012 and were the first Bootcamp to establish in Scarborough.

Our Bootcamp runs for four weeks at a time with four sessions a week. Using local beaches, parks and hills we use our expert and ex-military instructors to put our Bootcampers through their paces.

Whilst our Bootcamps are renowned for being hard work they are most certainly effective and we pride ourselves on the results that have been achieved since we started.

Perhaps your’re thinking that Bootcamp might be to hard for you?

Well think again as we take people of all fitness abilities and using our unique training methods ensure that no matter how unfit you are we will push you hard but make sure you work within your capabilities.


Every session is different and designed to get you the best results possible.

Some sessions may involve lots of running whilst others may focus on strength training. We’ve even been known to throw in raft building!

In the early stages we introduce equipment such as tyres and sandbags. Not only does the use  of equipment get better results but it keeps the sessions exciting and fun.

We always ask our Bootcampers to bring a change of clothes because not only is there a chance of getting wet due to the Great British weather but we regularly get sandy and muddy.

Boot Camp 2 - Fitness


Each Bootcamp includes the following:

  • 16 amazingly effective and fun 1 hour sessions,
  • Detailed nutrition guide with calorie calculator and recipes
  • Body measurements, fitness tests, weight, body fat percentage. We also conduct a full body analysis using our high tech machine before and after which gives you accurate fat,muscle,water measurements of your body (Worth £20!)
  • Online Facebook group
  • Presentation night with prizes and individual certificates
  • 24/7 help and advise



MORNING –  takes place on Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 0600 & 0700 with a fourth session on Saturday morning between  06:00 & 07:00 (Times may change depending on light).

NOW INTRODUCING PAY AS YOU GO BOOTCAMP …Do you simply just want to train in the great outdoors with the Warriors but can make every session because life just gets in the way? ** training sessions only **

Simply select the the ‘single session button’ in the Paypal drop down below a minimum 24 hours before the session and book your session by following the classes link on the website .

All pay per session Warriors will need to complete an annual PARQ waiver in advance of attendance.


Your results will depend on many things including your weight, fitness and age as well as your dedication to the sessions and diet!

When we first started our Bootcamps we thought it would be all about weight loss, how wrong we were! Warrior Bootcamp is about much more than that.

You can expect the following:

  • Weight loss of up to 2 stone
  • Fitness improvement of up to 50%
  • Size loss of up to 50cm or 2/3 dress sizes
  • Body fat decrease of 3%
  • Improvement in confidence as self-esteem
  • New friends
  • Less reliance on medication

Alan Knowles shows a remarkable change in only 4 weeks!

Alan Knowles shows a remarkable change in only 4 weeks!

“This is my ‘before and after’ for my first ever Warrior Bootcamp. At the first session I could not run up a hill once, but by the end of the month I was charging up and down hills with a tyre and craving more.
My main drive in signing up was to lose some weight but I found that getting fit and pushing myself quickly took priority.
In one month I lost 11lb weight, 15lb fat, 5.6% body fat and 40cm off my body. I also gained 2lb of muscle.
For anyone who is not sure or is anxious about doing a Bootcamp, the only thing I would say is ‘the hardest part is signing up’. Compass Gym are a great and supportive group and more importantly they help you get results.” – Alan Knowles, Managing Director Cura FS / Special Risks Bureau

Boot Camp 3 - Compass Fitness



The hardest part of our Bootcamps is signing up! We are the longest running  and most experienced Bootcamp in Scarborough and because of this we understand EXACTLY how you feel. We know that you probably a bit nervous at the thought of signing up, that you might be a bit self conscious and worried about how you look. Well we want you to know that you’ll be in safe hands! Our Bootcamp may be group sessions but you’ll be treated as an individual from start to finish.

Regardless of your weight, size or level of fitness you’ll be coached at just the right level throughout your sessions ensuring that you get optimum results. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy because it won’t be but what we can tell you is that after 4 weeks you’ll look and feel like a different person.



That would be telling! Locations are only revealed the day before each session…



Our forthcoming 2018 dates are as follows:


– Monday 5th November – Saturday 1st December



Click on the PayPal link below to pay and avoid missing out. Alternatively you can contact us on 01723 377333 to reserve your place.

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