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Body Analysis

Body-AnalysisOur staff will use our Inbody Body Composition machine safely and rapidly to produce immensely accurate results.

Using our highly advanced and specialist machinery which assess the electrical conductive properties of biological tissues to give you an insite into the make up of your body that you will have never seen before!

Our clients do not feel a thing and within one minute have a comprehensive readout of their own physiological make up.

The data is supplied via a full colour print out and our instructors are all highly trained on how to explain the results.

The device is so accurate that it can determine the weight of lean muscle tissue in each limb, water content, per cent body fat, mineral content, protein content and visceral fat levels (the fat surrounding the internal organs).

If you would like to know exactly how much fat you have and where in the body then please contact us to book your session.

This service is available for only £10 per analysis or £15 for two that can be used over your training period to compare results including a report to take home.