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Gym Floor

Gym Floor - Compass Fitness

Cool kit – From TRX to Alpha bags, from Plyometrics to Kettlebells our club is stacked with some of the coolest kit in the world of fitness training. We have Cybex equipment throughout offering our members the very best in fitness equipment.

Fitness – Our instructors are the heart of our club and ensure that your entire experience as a Compass member is unique and tailored to your individual needs.

All our fitness team are highly trained and completely committed to giving our members the very best fitness experience. We’ll help you identify your goals and build you a programme that’s exciting and effective.

Goal Setting – Every single person that walks through our door is unique and using our instructors knowledge we will plan your path to a better you.

Plan Setting – All memberships include a personalised programme to help you get started and to achieve the best results possible. Whether your completely new to fitness or have been training for years we will offer you a experience that you’ve never had before. Not only this but if you get bored or need a change we’ll update your plan free of charge!

Superior Service – We have been recognised nationally as being the number 1 club in the UK when it comes to customer service and this is something that we’re very proud of. We strive to give our members the best experience possible, whether your at reception grabbing a coffee or need help on the gym floor.

Cardio – Think of your heart as a pump. All day every day it pumps blood around the body. With a strong heart you can fight of disease and function easier. Our cardio equipment is state of the art and offers you the very best workout possible ensuring that your heart and lungs have a great workout.

Strength – Our strength equipment is simple and easy to use. Each piece focuses on a different body part helping you get stronger and more toned. This equipment is a fun and safe way to start weight training. Don’t forget that as muscles work they burn calories helping you burn fat!

Free Weights – For more advanced trainers we have a fantastic Free Weights area with a variety of plate loaded equipment. We have loads of benches and dumbbells to help you get strong and lean quickly.

Functional Area – This is all about giving you the space to move! Whether you want to swing a dumbbell, stretch or use our TRX’s this space is the place to be. Our great instructors will show you how to use the equipment as part of your workout to stop things getting stale.

Personal Training – We all have goals when we join the gym and using a Personal Trainer will increase your chances of achieving them. ACE Personal Training will motivate you more than if you trained alone and ensure that your training safely and effectively.

Not only this but they’ll show you new techniques and equipment that you would never of thought of on your own. Contact ACE Personal Training on 07966338429 to get more out of your training than ever!