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Running Club

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Here at Compass we are passionate about getting people fit! Whilst our fitness equipment is top of the range and our treadmills second to none we realise that sometimes there’s nothing better than feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair. Scarborough has some amazing running terrain and some of the best views on the Yorkshire coast so why stay inside when you can get outdoors.

We provide a running club that does not judge or make assumptions we have literally taken all the things that make Compass special such as our amazing staff, customer service and friendliness and taken them outside. Whether your an experienced runner or are just starting you’ll receive all the attention and support you need to achieve your goals whether they are to get fit, lose weight or reduce your 5k running time.

Our Tuesday Club operates at 6.30 and is predominantly aimed at Beginners and those new to running although all levels are welcome. We call Tuesday ‘Couch to 5k’. We want to take you off the Couch and get you up to 5 kilometers!
On Thursday the distance increases with anything between 5 and 10 kilometers and is aimed at the intermediate runner who is capable of further distances.

All runs take place from Compass on Barry’s Lane and will incorporate some amazing local scenery and trails. All runner’s will benefit from ample parking, shower and changing facilities as well as use of the gym for strength work, stretching and foam rolling. We even have hot drinks on sale and a seating area to relax and chat following the run.

Whilst all runner’s must subscribe to our terms and conditions we are a fully insured running club and are part of ‘Run England’ which is part of England Athletics and is aimed at getting England running! Being part of Run England means that you will be supervised by qualified Running Coaches who are qualified in running coaching, DBS checked (Safeguarding for U18’s) and trained in First Aid. For more details of Run England please check this link

I’m new! How does it work?

-Turn up on your chosen day and pay the required fee at reception.
-Attend a running brief at Reception where you will be briefed about the route, distance, hazards and have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions with your coach.
-Pull on your trainers, follow the lead runner and enjoy some awesome trails and paths.
-Arrive back at Compass, check in on Facebook, log your time and share your story with your fellow runners.
-Sit back, relax and have a coffee!.

It’s that easy, no pressure, no targets, just old fashioned fun!

How Much Does It All Cost?

Compass Members – A registration fee of £10 is required for insurance and administration. Each session then is only £1!

Non-Members – A fee of £5 per run which includes insurance.

A Compass Running Club Kit is available for only £20 which consists of Compass branded t-shirt and water bottle.

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