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Small Group Training

Small Group Training




Our #SGT sessions combine the very best of our successful Warrior Bootcamps and Personal Training to give you a fitness programme that is both affordable, effective and that will achieve the very best results!

What is SGT?

In our #SGT sessions we take up to 4 people for an hour of intensive and fun but downright effective training. For a small hourly fee you can get together with your friends, family or work colleagues to train, sweat and achieve together. #SGT takes the fun and excitement of our Warrior Bootcamp sessions and combines them with the personal approach of Personal Training, ensuring that each person receives lots of assessment and coaching from your instructor.



What will I do?

The best thing about #SGT is that it’s all based around you! Our sessions are tailor made to fit your exact requirements. Whether you want an indoor gym session or an outdoor walk in the park we will adapt the session to suit you. The reasons why people sign up to #SGT are endless. We’ve had people wanting to lose weight for their wedding and others who have wanted to get fit to play sport. Regardless of your reason you’ll get a fit for purpose workout that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.


Who will be our Instructor?

Any of our Instructors are available for #SGT ensuring that you get an Instructor that works for you! If you’re unsure of which Instructor to choose then please ask us as we’ll be glad to recommend an Instructor that matches your requirements perfectly!


Times and Days?

From January 2016 we have a full range of #SGT block bookings available every night of the week, from 5pm through to 9pm, both indoors and outdoors. As well as these block bookings you have the flexibility of requesting early bird 06.00am and 07.00am sessions, or daytime session on an indiviual pay as you go basis. If we can staff it, you’ve got it!!

Bookings can be made via our website online booking service, or call Laura on 01723 377333 t ochat through all of your requirements.



  • 1-4 people

  • £20
  • Price per group
  • 60 Minutes