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Whether your looking to establish a pre-holiday tan, have a special occasion coming up, or want that healthy sun-kissed look all year round, then responsible use of sunbeds is the perfect solution for achieving a golden glow. Our Stand Up Sunbed is available for use by both members and non-members and is situated within Compass in it’s own room with ample changing space.

For those who prefer not to use Natural or UV light our onsite Beauty Therapist offers a selection of ‘fake’ tans including spray and cream tanning and can be contacted on 07949 646812 or at


Only 50 pence per minute or £20 for 60 minutes


Compass Fitness meets all the requirements of ‘The Sunbeds (regulations) Act 2012 and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subscribes to the advice given by Scarborough Borough Council.

Use of the Sunbeds by Under 18’s is strictly prohibited by law.

Based on World Health Organisation (WHO) and Department of Health advice, you should not use UV tanning equipment if you:

  • Are under 18;
  • Have fair, sensitive skin that burns easily or tans slowly or poorly;
  • Have a history of sunburn, particularly in childhood
  • Have a large number of freckles and/or red hair;
  • Have a large number of moles;
  • Are taking medicines or using creams that sensitise the skin to sunlight;
  • Have a medical condition that is worsened by sunlight;
  • Or anyone in your family has had skin cancer in the past;
  • Already have extensive skin damage due to sunlight

As a user of UV tanning equipment, it is important to know your skin type and your UV tanning operative should be able to advise you on your skin type. Skin is broadly classified as being one of six types:

  • Type I – Often burns, rarely tans. Tends to have freckles, red or fair hair, blue or green eyes.
  • Type II – Usually burns, sometimes tans. Tends to have light hair, blue or brown eyes.
  • Type III – Sometimes burns, usually tans. Tends to have brown hair and eyes.
  • Type IV – Rarely burns, often tans. Tends to have dark brown eyes and hair.
  • Type V – Naturally brown skin. Often has brown eyes and hair
  • Type VI – Naturally brown/black skin. Usually black/brown eyes.

The EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Products states that people with skin types I and II should be advised not to use UV tanning equipment. It is important when using UV tanning equipment to protect your eyes. Never use the UV tanning equipment without eye protection. If suitable goggles are not worn you may suffer eye irritation or conjunctivitis in the short term and cataracts (clouding of the lens of the eye) in the long term. Do not rely on closing your eyes or using cotton wool.

Your UV tanning operative should provide you with suitable eye protection before allowing use of the UV tanning equipment. It is important to check your skin regularly and if you notice any abnormal skin reaction during the tanning session stop exposure at once and do not use UV tanning equipment again before seeing a doctor. If you notice any abnormal skin reactions after the tanning session do not use again before seeing a doctor. Seek medical advice promptly if you notice an unusual skin growth or a change in the size, shape or colour of a mole that occurs over weeks or months.

As a user of UV tanning equipment it is important to ensure that you understand how to use the equipment, how to turn it off and to locate the emergency button or call for help if there is no button. Your UV tanning operative should show you how to use the equipment before your first session.

It should be noted that a tan obtained from UV tanning equipment provides very little protection against sunlight. Always protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun.


These notes are only intended as a brief guide to health and safety matters and do not cover all aspects in detail.