New Direction

New Direction

Do you need a new direction to the healthier and fitter you? Whilst the team here at Compass don’t always like to fixate on the scales we recognise that some people need to remain focused and accountable to themselves and their instructor so #teamCompass is bringing you the perfect weight management programme that could enhance and support your current training, or be your baseline starting point for your weight loss journey.

What will it involve?

•    This a rolling programme that people can join at any time
•    You will complete weekly body analysis and monthly measurements
•    The session will involve 30 minutes for the weigh in and weekly topic discussion followed by 30 mins of exercise delivered by a level 3 personal trainer. This will be a standalone session designed specifically for the ‘new direction group”.

What type of topics will we discuss?

 **As the programme evolves this may develop depending upon the upon demand and need of the group**
•    Session  1  – accountability / tracking / energy equation
•    Session  2 – planning & preparation
•    Session  3 – motivation – sustainability – “will it make your boat go faster” •    Session 4  – Guest speaker or menu & tasting eating evening

What type of exercise will I do?

•    Session 1 – Exercise through body weight ( – link to L.B.T on timetable)
•    Session 2 – kettlebell class
•    Session 3 – ETM based class
•    Session 4 – Functional training – intro to the gym floor

Where & When?

There will be session EVERY:
Wednesday evening  @ 7.00pm – 8.00pm  meet in Compass Cafe followed by the studio
Friday morning  @ 10.30am – 11.30am meet in Compass Cafe followed by the studio

How do I join and Pay?

You can register on this programme now! If you are compass member, we can book you on now. If you aren’t a member don’t worry, we simply need to gather some basic information from you to add you to our register
As you can pay for each session that you attend you can pay £5.00 as you arrive, or if you are ready to commit to get fit you can pre-purchase ten sessions on a block booking for £45.00. For each block booking you will be issued with a ‘New Direction’ card that will be stamped each time you attend.

Book now to avoid disappointment later…this programme starts on Wednesday 1st May and Friday 3rd May 2019.

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