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Running Club

RUN COMPASS Our running club, meets on a Monday morning at 0600 for our early bird runners, plus every Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30pm. You can choose 5k, 7k or a 10k route ** subject to instructor routes** Our DBS qualified instructors are at the back of the route to support and encourage you all the […]


MELT This will work your full body in the format of a circuit. The circuit can be made in many ways but its whole purpose is to work with minimal rest. These circuits change on a weekly basis, one week could be cardio the next strength. But nevertheless you will work, you will sweat, and […]


W.O.W Workout of the week, the Kinder egg of classes something different every time. Depending on the instructor this could be a fast paced body blasting cardio class, a slower paced intense weight lifting session or 45 minutes of something you’ve never even heard of! Only way to find out is to book on but […]