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Whether you are a seasoned runner, or a novice wanting to begin your running journey, Run Compass has everything you need. With our fully qualified, enhanced DBS instructors planning and supervising every route, you are in safe hands.

We meet and run from Compass weekly at the following times:

Tuesday: 18:30

Thursday: 18:30

**Our evening runs cover two routes each week of either 5km, 7km or 10km.

Registration is simple, all we require is for you to complete your Run Compass waiver and complete you annual membership (£10.00 for Compass Members / £20.00 non-members)

If you are interested in becoming part of our fantastic run-family contact Laura on 01723 377333 and register for your first FREE RUN!

Run Compass is sponsored by HFM

Run Club Sponsor

The owner of Hair for Men, Fiona Wheeler has developed a true passion for running since joining our lovely running club, it have given her confidence, fitness, a sense of well being and most of all the most amazing feeling of being part of a team.

Fiona wanted to give something back to the group by choosing a team tshirt which has given us a united identity on our weekly runs and at running events that our amazing group of runners can be seen at.

#teamCompass and Run Compass would like to say a huge thank you to Fiona HFM Scarborough.

If any of those men in your life want a haircut, HFM come highly recommended for barbering, with a smiley face guaranteed!!

Check them out on here

Or call into the shop at 17 Manor Road, Scarborough or call 01723 503380 and receive the warmest welcome