Small Group Training

At Compass we offer Small group training at incredible value!

Check out our timetable to see the current sessions we offer! We offer 3 types of training-

SGT– Get fit, lose fat, tone up- sessions run by our team of Personal Trainers, small groups- working out in the Gym, combining free weights, machines, cardio, functional training and core work- to help you get fit fast!

XTRAIN– Cross training sessions- focused on Weight training- learning to lift well and finishes with a WOD (workout of the day)

SAS– Size and Strength- Focused on getting strong- suitable for beginners wanting to learn to lift and get confident in the gym – and more experienced lifters wanting to focus on improving their lifts and maximizing strength. Incorporating strongman training.

Booking via our VIP app

All sessions included in our VIP membership. Members can also book pay as you go for a Fiver- but if you wanted to join in more than 1 a week VIP membership will probably be better value!