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Matt Burke PT

Matt Burke

Chronic Lower Back Pain & Exercise Referral Specialist Specialist 1-1 Personal Trainer with extensive experience in exercise for chronic conditions. Specializing in Strength & Conditioning training,

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Natasha Haw

Hey I’m Natasha, a yoga teacher and personal trainer! I love to help all my clients no matter what their fitness goal may be. I aim to promote lifestyle changes that will stick, by encouraging my clients to develop healthy habits and focusing on the mental wellbeing side as well as the fitness! I love […]

Personal Trainer

Taylor Mackenzie

I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer here at Compass! I have a very sporting background and want to use this to help clients wanting to improve certain traits for individual sports by introducing more athlete-based training. Whilst doing this, I also want to help people reach the traditional goals of gaining muscle and […]

Tom Lee Personal Trainer

Tom Lee

Hey, my names Tom I’m one of the PT’s here at Compass. I have a background in powerlifting having been a British Sub Junior Powerlifting Champion in 2019 but I have now switched to a bodybuilding approach to training, in the hopes to compete this year; so, I’m used to training for both strength and […]

Julia Hubbard, Coach

Julia Hubbard

Hi I’m Julia – Personal Trainer and Nutritionist I love helping others transform themselves, whatever their goal may be! Whats your goal? Weight loss, muscle gain, transformation? Body building, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting? I also specialise in Womens figure and bikini comp prep & post comp recovery diets, body transformation, weight training and goal specific training […]

Personal Trainer

Charlotte Thomas

Hey! I’m Charlotte you will see me in the gym Personal Training and teaching classes. I’ve taught a range of fitness classes such as barbell workouts, HIIT & spin for almost 10 years. I’m known for being highly enthusiastic when teaching and love to create a fun energetic atmosphere! Would love to see you there! […]


Kerry Dolan

Dan Wright – Pro Dancer, Elite Transformation Specialist, Kettle Bell Enthusiast

Laura Daniel

Laura Daniel

Specialising in Running, L3 PT and a wide range of qualifications including exercise referral leader, Kettles Instructor, Zumba Instructor.