Jo Ellwood

Jo Ellwood

Personal Trainer


Jo EllwoodI’ve currently been in the Fitness industry for 18 years and still love it now as much, if not more as when I first started. I now have my own personal training business where I can work one on one with people to specially design programmes, and set nutrition guidelines.

My experience helps me train everyone from complete beginners to long term athletes. Weight loss to weight gain. General toning and shaping, and pre and post natal. I enjoy a challenge, and with my strict but realistic approach I’ve had some amazing results over the years. I still have an enormous passion for teaching classes and group training.

Having recently had a baby myself, I realise the struggle for parents to find time to exercise, but I also see the massive importance to find time, so helping people find a realistic balance is a great accomplishment. Helping mums feel good about themselves again, and giving them that hour where they can switch off is highly rewarding.


Toning & Shaping
Pre & Post Natal